A Worm Whose Only Power and Strength Lies in its Mouth

by tillerofthesoil

image“Do not fear, O worm Jacob, O men of Israel! I myself will help you,” declares YHWH. “Your redeemer is the Holy One of Israel” (Isaiah 41:14).

“Come and see: All nations of the world have been rendered to certain ruling archons, as has been said, and they follow their false gods, as is written: [For all the nations] will walk each in the name of its god (Micah 4:5)—all shedding blood, waging war, stealing, robbing, fornicating, mingling with numerous evildoings. They intensify their power to harass, while Israel has no power to overcome them except through its mouth—like a worm whose only power and strength lies in its mouth, by its mouth penetrating all. So Israel is called worm” (Zohar 1:178a).