Emerging it Emerges like a King with His Soldiers

by tillerofthesoil


“This letter [י (yod)] is small, fullness of all. This letter is enclosed on all sides. Emerging, it emerges like a king with his soldiers. Returning afterward, י (yod) alone—within it something is concealed; within, emerging; closed and open” (Zohar 3:92a).

“ו (Vav), embracing all, revealing all. For whatever is concealed reveals everything concealed; one who is revealed does not come and reveal what is concealed” (Zohar 1:117b).

“When it arose in thought before the Creator to create this world with this Name, to extend a cord (Isaiah 44:13), and stand Mount Moriah by His qualities—the mountain God desired for His dwelling (Psalms 68:17). He stood the table at the north with all sorts of food, created orbs to praise His Name, and servants performing His pleasure (ibid. 103:21). And with this Name, hung the world over its position. He built the Temple such that through windows this very light, without end and without limit, might dwell and illuminate. From this Name pillars of understanding were rooted, walls of wisdom, and windows of light. With this Name the Temple was filled with illustrious זוֹהַר (zohar), radiance” (Berit Menuḥa, Haqdmah).