by tillerofthesoil

“אָנֹכִי (Anokhi), I (Exodus 20:2)—Secret of secrets for those who know wisdom: The moment these letters came forth, secretly circling as one, a spark flashed out to engrave. A flowing measure extended ten cubits on this side, and out shot comets inside comets, seventy-one [the numbers correspond to the numerical value of אָנֹכִי (Anokhi), I]. Sparks burst out into flashes, up high, beyond, beyond. The flow measured out ten cubits on the other side, and comets shot out in colors as before. And so on every side.

The spark expanded, whirling round and round. Sparks burst into flashes and rose high above. The heavens blazed with all their powers; everything flashed, sparkled as one. Then the spark turned from the side of the south and outlined a curve from the side of the south and outlined a curve from there to the east and from east to north until it circled back to the south as before. Then the spark swirled, disappearing; comets and flashes dimmed” (Zohar Ḥadash 41b).

“Rabbi Yose said, ‘אָנֹכִי (Anokhi), I, am YHWH your God (Exodus 20:2). I—Shekhinah, as is written: אָנֹכִי (Anokhi), I, Myself will go down with you to Egypt (Genesis 46:4)” (Zohar 2:85a).

“אָנֹכִי (Anokhi), I—mystery of two thrones: אֲנִי (ani), כ (kaf) of another throne” (Zohar 2:91a).