Soul Food

by tillerofthesoil

69729_10152282946940160_910171320_n“Rabbi Yoḥanan said ‘What is meant by the verse, YHWH gave the word: great was the company of those that published it’? (Psalms 68:11)—every single word that went forth from the Omnipotent was split up into seventy languages. The Academy of Rabbi Yishma’el taught: and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces? (Jeremiah 23:29)—just as a hammer is split into many sparks [when it strikes the anvil], so every single word that went forth from the blessed Holy One split up into seventy languages” (BT Shabbat 88a).

“You can mend the cosmos by anything you doeven eating… So when you are about to eat bread, say the motsi: ‘Blessed are you, YHWH our God, sovereign of the world, who brings forth bread from the earth.’ Then by eating, you bring forth sparks that cleave to your soul” (Kavvanah [a spiritual “intention”] of the Arizal, Rabbi Yitsḥaq Luria, recorded by Rabbi Yosef Don Don, ca. 1570, translated in Matt, The Essential Kabbalah: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism, p. 149).

The righteous man eats for the sating of נַפְשׁוֹ (nafsho), his gullet [or: his soul], but the belly of the wicked will want (Proverbs 13:25).

“Whoever wants bread, let him eat by the mouth of the sword” (Zohar 3:188b).