by tillerofthesoil

Reversals“The Torah was given in black fire upon white fire, to include right in left—and left turning into right, as is written: From His right hand, a fiery law for them (Deuteronomy 33:2)” (Zohar 2:84a).

“Rabbi Ḥaninah said: the blessed Holy One says: in the eyes you possess there is white and black and you cannot see with the white but only with the black” (Bemidbar Rabbah 15:7).

Should I say, “Yes, darkness will swathe me, and the night will be light for me,” darkness itself will not darken for You, and the night will light up like the day, the dark and the light will be one (Psalms 139:11–12).

Torah was given in fiery flashes, all in aspect of fire, written in white fire upon black fire, letters flying and rising through the air” (Zohar 2:226b).