The Phoenix

by tillerofthesoil


And I thought: In my nest I shall breathe my last, and my days will abound like חוֹל (ḥol), a phoenix [alt., will abound like חוֹל (ḥol), the sand]” (Job 29:18).

”One day Rabbi Yeisa posed the following: ‘An egg of truth, emerging from a bird abiding in fire, splitting into four. Two of them ascend, one descends, and one spreads a sprawl of the great sea. Rabbi Abba said, ‘In the presence of Rabbi Shim’on, you have made the holy profane, for of him is written Mouth to mouth I speak with him [… not in riddles].’ Rabbi Shim’on said to him, ‘Before the egg splits, you will depart from the world.’ And so it happened, in the assembly of Rabbi Shim’on” (Zohar 3:79a).