White Letters

by tillerofthesoil


She opens פִּיהָ (piyah), her mouth, with wisdom (Proverbs 31:26)—ב (bet) of בְּרֵאשִׁית (Bereshit), In the beginning (Genesis 1:1), as they have established” (Zohar 1:145a).

“We can see by the eye of our intellect why in the Torah [scroll] handed down to us one letter should not touch the other. The fact is that also the whiteness constitutes letters but we do not know how to read them as [we know] the blackness of the letters. But in the future God, blessed be He, will reveal to us even the whiteness of Torah. Namely we will [then] understand the white letters in our Torah, and this is the meaning of A [new] Torah will go forth from me (Isaiah 51:4) that it stands for the whiteness of Torah, that all the children of Israel will understand also the letters that are white in our Torah, which was delivered to Moses” (Rabbi Levi Yitsḥaq of BarditshevImrei Tsaddiqim, 5b).