Like Water Face to Face thus the Heart of Man to Man

by tillerofthesoil

For He draws down drops of water, they are distilled in the rain of His wetness, as the skies drip moisture, shower on abounding humankind (Job 36:27–28).

“Why had He not rained (Genesis 2:5)? Because no arrayal welled up from earth. So from earth below action is aroused above. Come and see: Vapor ascends from the earth at first, a cloud is aroused, and then all conjoins. Similarly, smoke of sacrifice… If Assembly of Israel did not initiate arousal, the one above would not be aroused toward Her. By desire below, all is consummated” (Zohar 1:35a).

“And the secret of the matter is as they said in Ta’anit [25b]: Not one drop descends from above without two drops coming up to meet it. And they are in this mystery: their hint corresponds to three minds [lit., brains]: the mind of memory, the mind of thought, and the mind of imagination. Imagination and memory ascend from the heart [which is the seat of conscience], thoughts rest above them, the heart receiving them as a king [cf. Bahir §88–§91]. Because this man, which is thought, mounts and controls the third living being, descending on it to the two living beings that open their wings to receive it, just as a ֹ  [חֹלֶם (Ḥolam)] placed over a ֵ  [צֵרֵי (Tserei)] becomes a  ֒  [סְגוֹלְתָּא (Segolta)]. And this is upper Keter over Ḥokhmah and Binah” (Zohar 3:247a, Ra’aya Meheimna Pineḥas).

Like water face to face thus the heart of man to man (Proverbs 27:19).