To the Daughter’s Father Fifty Weights of Silver

by tillerofthesoil

The Nut Garden

thejewishbride“A bride adorned, crowned, and included in all the mitsvot. She is the Treasury of Torah, the betrothed of the blessed Holy One, as is written, ‘A teaching did Moses charge us, a heritage for Jacob’s assembly! (Deuteronomy 33:4)—do not read מוֹרָשָׁה (morasha), a heritage, but מְאוּרָסָה (me’urasah), the betrothed‘ (BT Pesaḥim 49b) [cf. Avot 2:17; Bemidbar Rabbah 8:2]. How is this so? When Israel engages in Torah for Her own sake, then She is the betrothed of the blessed Holy One, then She is the heritage of Israel” (Bahir §196).

“When Torah was given, Her tablets, likened to virginity, were broken. And the blessed Holy One again gave Her to Israel to keep Her [as] Oral Torah called הֲלָכָה (Halakhah) [alluding to הַכַּלָה (ha-kalah), the Bride] given to Moses on Sinai. And the groom of Torah…

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