The Seventy-two Letter Name

by tillerofthesoil

Tomorrow is the שַׁבָּת שִׁירָה (Shabbat Shirah) Sabbath of Song, when the Israelites, after the splitting of the Reed Sea, sang the Song of the Sea.

The Nut Garden

Sefer Ha-Zohar p.176-7“What is the meaning of May יהוה bless you and guard you. May יהוה light up His face to you and grant grace to you; May יהוה lift up His face to you and give you peace [Numbers 6:24-6]. This is the explicit Name of the blessed Holy One. It is the name containing twelve letters, as it is written יהוה יהוה יהוה. This teaches us that God’s names consist of three troops. Each troop resembles the other, and each one’s name is like those named. All of them are sealed with יהוה. And how? יהוה can be permuted twenty-four different ways, forming one troop. This is May יהוה … In a similar manner, the second one May יהוה light up His face… These are twenty-four names of the blessed Holy One. In a similar manner, the third one, May יהוה lift up His face…  These are the twenty-four names…

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