If the King has No Army and No Camp, Over What does He Rule?

by tillerofthesoil

ImageAnd the gain of the land is in everything—a king is subject to the field (Ecclesiastes 5:8).

“Rabbi Shim’on son of Yoḥai taught: ‘You are My witnesses,’ says YHWH, ‘and I am God’ (Isaiah 43:12). When you are My witnesses, I am God. When you are not My witnesses, I am not, as it were, God” (Sifrei Deuteronomy 346).

“If the king has no army and no camp, over what does he rule? And if there is no people praising the king, what is that king’s glory?” (Pirqe de-Rabbi Eli’ezer 3, cf. Zohar 3:69a).

“Whoever acquires a Hebrew slave acquires for himself a master” (BT Qiddushin 20a).